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Revision Extension
by Gabe Pionkowski

Friday, January 29, 2021 through Friday, April 9, 2021
Wellington Gallery



“My paintings are made by deconstructing canvas thread by thread, hand painting each thread, and reconstructing them on a traditional handloom. The majority of the work presented in this exhibition has focused on painting back onto the newly constituted plane. These marks divide the surface laterally and penetrate to mark the backside. In an attempt to bring forward what has sank, the canvas is cut, each strip folded along a central axis, and woven into itself. The result are paintings that holds themselves in a precarious state between the initial subject and that which, although constituted as itself is also beyond; between certainty and uncertainty, unison and chaos.


The central question driving my process is something like “how to paint nothing?” Over many years this question has led me to directly engage with the subjectile (the canvas; theoretically, that which allows painting to be visible). It is an attempt to create a process that touches this “void”. Although, at times, the paintings are very full, I strive for the process to constantly double back on itself allowing the paintings to declare themselves as an entity whose primary function is engaging in a constant play of hide and seek.


I also think about how the figure plays within trace of my paintings (deconstruction, reconstruction, marks, cuts, folds). Recently, I have been extending this play to the viewer by using other materials and, or, presentation techniques. For example, “Fall Into Me” utilizes blind nails to create the suggestion of a meditative bed. “In The Act” brings the painting off the wall, allowing the viewer to traverse the recto and verso. The most recent painting “/chiaroscuro/“is a very dim journey into “infinity”.”





Gabriel Pionkowski earned a MFA (2013) and MA (2012) from the University of 

Wisconsin-Madison, and a BA (2009) in Art Education from Bethany College, Lindsborg, KS, after studying at the Florence University of the Arts, Florence, Italy (2007). 

Pionkowski has been awarded residencies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME (2012), the Millay Colony of the Arts, Austerlitz, NY (2013), and was a Milton and Sally Avery Endowed Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA (2013-2014).


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